Kokyunage handachi


Free Introductory Aikido Class, Thursday, September 7th, 6pm

Have you ever wanted to try a martial arts class and discover its benefits for your body and mind? Come join us and shake up (or start!) your exercise routine with a free one hour session of Aikido. Aikido is a Japanese martial art that teaches coordination, awareness, and resilience, as well as self-defense principles. It is a good workout on its own, but is also good for complementing a yoga routine. For this class we welcome adults (ages 13 and up) of all abilities, with little to no previous martial arts experience. There is a spacious pay parking lot directly behind the dojo, as well as street pay parking in all directions surrounding (free street parking starts at 6pm). Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise. Dressing rooms are available.

We appreciate your RSVP in advance through

Phone: (412) 421-3686

Email: info@eastendaikido.com

We look forward to practicing with you!

Kyu Tests, Thursday, September 28th, 6pm

Test applications must be turned in no later than Tuesday, September 5th. Test fee ($35) must be turned in with the test application for 5th kyu and above. USAF dues ($45) must be paid for 2017 prior to testing.